What is Aromatherapy Massage

How do you beat the blues and stress? Just the thought of overhauling your emotions so you will feel better again seems like a huge task. You can choose to entertain yourself with movies in DVD’s, go out to bars, or take that vacation you have been promising yourself. And yet, the thought of expending your energy doing them just make you feel even more lethargic.

So, is there a way to relax without changing the scene and just be comfortable staying in place? It might surprise you but there is. Aromatherapy is a natural stress buster and it works wonders to mind and body. And relaxation can come to you even without much effort.

The distinctiveness of aromatherapy from other types of massage therapy relies on the application of aromatic oils. These aromatic oils, also known as essential oils, primarily come from botanical properties. Aromatherapy, also called clinical aromatherapy and medical aromatherapy, is based on the belief that the sensations originating from our nostrils go directly to a particular part of the brain known as the limbic system which is related to emotion and memory. These aromatic oils are powerful stimuli which stir the limbic system and create positive feelings. Thus, aromatherapy is used by some professionals in treating emotion-related conditions. Aside from this, it is also used to treat infectious diseases and known to be effective in pain management.

How is aromatherapy done? Basically it is any method which makes use of pleasant scents. Just sitting comfortably in your chair and inhaling scented candles or fragrant-filled potpourri is relaxing. This mode of application is known as aerial diffusion. You can also try direct inhalation or topical application. What is even more interesting about aromatherapy is you can make your own oil. Want yours to be for relaxing, or for healing? Get your recipe and concoct your own formula of aromatherapy.